Teligence team members playing foosball
Teligence team members discussing a project
Teligence cafe

The Inside Edition

Do the Right Thing, Do it Together, Bring Your Best, Be Yourself

Naturally the driving force behind our quest to bring out the best in businesses and the thing that sets us far apart from our competitors is our distinctive, accepting, knowledgeable, on the ball and somewhat bizarre (in a good way!) group of people. We think big, dream big, and then make those dreams a reality. Together, we foster a culture where we  constantly do the right thing, no matter the situation; we do it together as a team; we bring our best in any given projects; and we are accepting of each and everyone's uniqueness.

Smoke signals? Carrier pigeons? Messages in bottles? Just like communication methods, we are an eclectic mix of super-parents, gamers, Iron Chefs and masterminds who are passionate about what we do, and we set out to create an environment that truly encourages us to be exactly who we are while striving for success.

We Have the Balance

We have perfected the true meaning of work life balance - we bring our AAA game to work, go the extra mile, burn that midnight oil when required and complete projects on time and beyond expectations. However, just because we are overachievers with high expectations doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun along the way! Summer BBQ, Christmas party, numerous social events and spontaneous Friday afternoon beer or pizza lunch, just to name a few of our regular activities!

Then if life calls upon us unexpectedly, we have the flexibility to re-prioritize and take care of what's important. Quite simply, at Teligence we truly believe that anyone who takes good care of themselves and what is important to them is better prepared to achieve anything.

We Try, We Learn, We Achieve

We believe in taking actions and we are not afraid of trying new things. Mistakes can happen but we rather say that we've done our best, gave it our all, than imagine what would have happened. We believe in each other and we believe we can do it!

We Go Beyond the Four Walls

Without a doubt, the zeal and unity of Teligence extends outside the four walls of our office. Since 1990, we have participated in a variety of events including biking for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, collecting boxes of food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, and tossed our people, - including our Executives - into a dunk tank to collect charitable donations for Big Brothers of BC. To date, we have donated over $1,000,000 in donations to local and national charities, and we are excited to do more! After all, with us, it's all about people. Simply, at Teligence, community involvement is a way of life.