The Company

Teligence started out in 1990 as a single chatline and grew to become the leader in voice-enabled social networking.  We also built powerful and innovative web and mobile products, making it possible for us to connect millions of people worldwide for friendship, dating or fun.

Now we’re stepping out! Using our years of experience as investors, business operators and technology experts, we’re helping other companies thrive in ways they never imagined.  We bring out the best in businesses. 

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The Teligence Timeline


On July 17th, Teligence employees had the pleasure of celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary during our annual summer social event at the Fish House restaurant in Stanley Park. Together with the abundant delicious food and refreshing drinks, we enjoyed harp music and had more entertainment for the children, allowing their parents to truly relax and connect with their teammates. Our founder gave a speech and received a silver tray engraved with the company logo and the words “Teligence - 25 years of people meeting people”.


Development of the "Next Generation" of Social Networking Platforms

2010 marks a significant leap for Teligence as we began the creation of what we believe will define the next generation of social networking – a multi-platform technology that will push the boundaries of innovation for voice, mobile, and web communication.


Emergence of Mobile Development

In 2007, extensive energy was spent on mobile development. Teligence began to realize a technical revolution was upon us in order to meet the demands of our customer.


New Product – Lavender Line, Malevox, Livelinks - Mexico

2006 saw a number of different market expansions. In this year, Teligence tested the Mexico market with Malevox (Mexican version of Interactive Male) as well as a special version of Livelinks specific for the Mexico region.

Additionally, Teligence also launched another niche product in the same year, our first lesbian brand, Lavender Line.


New Product – FonoChat & Guiding Line

Keeping up steam with our rapid growth, Teligence launched two more successful products. In 2004. Fonochat – a Hispanic/Latino product which was made only available to North American customers and Guiding Line – a free horoscope and paid psychic line.


New Product - Vibeline

In 2002, Teligence launched a niche product catering to urban African American singles looking to meet for dating, chatting or just making new friendly connections.


10 Year Milestone, Now Operating with 4 Chat line Products

In 2000, Teligence celebrated its 10 year anniversary! Now operating with 4 chat line brands across North America! The new millennium also saw further expansion into the US market.


New Product - RedHot Dateline

In 1999, we launched our 4th product, RedHot Dateline (previously known as Casual Dateline). This product offers a more explicit, sexy, and flirty way for people to meet people!


New Business Division - Service Bureau

Given the success of our in-house IVR system development, in 1998, Teligence began a new business division, Service Bureau, where we engaged in business to business activities renting out our IVR platform.


Development of Proprietary IVR System

In 1997, we saw the development of our very own hybrid IVR system. This 128-port system allowed for us to customize and build our own technology vs. renting from service providers.


US Market Invasion

In 1994, Teligence made the decision to expand the business into the lucrative US market. Our first hub was set up in Denver, allowing like minded people from Colorado to start making connections.

Launch of TV Advertisement

Additionally in this year, Teligence launched television advertising to ensure our product was effectively reaching all intended audiences.


Company Founded and Operating with 3 Chat Line Products

In 1990, Rob Madigan founded Teligence and began our social networking journey with three chat line brands: Livelinks, Interactive Male and Tango Personals. Original service was only provided to the Lower Mainland and Victoria.