Our Team

Leaders push boundaries. At Teligence, all of our leaders share a passion for excellence. It's this passion that inspires them to create the innovative and unique products that make us a cut above the rest in the business of making connections. Our senior management team are proud to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk”. Each member has real life, hands on experience in delivering business success. As a result, they know what it means to have a strong culture and live up to the same values and vision.

  • Rob Madigan, Chairman
  • Peter Gill, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ian MacLeod, General Counsel

Rob Madigan


Rob Madigan, Chairman

Rob's entrepreneurial career started with an Honours degree in Business Administration and from there he headed to Belfast, Ireland for a co-op term. Upon his return to Canada, Rob held many successful roles and in 1990, he founded the company that today is the multimillion dollar business of people meeting people, Teligence!

Among his many accolades, in 2004, Rob was a recipient of the Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year and in 2001 the prestigious Business in Vancouver's Forty Under Forty Award.  Today, he is still self-driven, strategic and inquisitive and serves as Chairman of the Board.

Cameron Sobolik


With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Cameron's breadth of expertise includes global IT team formation, M&A, integration, staffing governance and business development.

As the President, Cameron sets the tone and leads the company to innovate and advance, and the mantra of building connections is always at the heart of everything he does.

As a leader, Cameron's passion is to motivate and create teams that thrive on challenges and deliver against the odds.  He has a deep respect for the capabilities of others and takes pride in his leaders. His management approach is to push teams to continually strive to beat expectations while celebrating their successes.

Peter Gill

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Gill, Chief Financial Officer

Peter joined Teligence as Chief Financial Officer in February 2011 bringing over 20 years of finance experience with him.  Peter navigates the financial waters at Teligence steering all aspects of our finance and accounting functions as well as analytics.

He has led a dynamic career in fields ranging from software engineering and investment management to corporate finance -where he has been the CFO for both private and publicly-traded technology companies. Along the way, Peter has become a CFA charterholder and earned a CGA designation.

He’s not all numbers though.  We offered to work in references to ultimate windsurfing and playing guitar.  “Sure”, he happily replied, “1 in 1.6180339887” people would appreciate that.

Ian MacLeod

General Counsel

Ian MacLeod, General Counsel

Since 2006, Ian’s main focus has been managing Teligence’s legal and corporate affairs.  He strives to improve the organization's infrastructure to ensure appropriate legal procedures, processes and corporate structure are in place to enable us to compete effectively. He acts as the shield, protecting the business - as well as acting as the sword, executing on concerns regarding telecommunications, banking and finance requirements and other regulatory areas of law.  He began his corporate career at a large Canadian law firm but opted to move over to in-house, starting with 360networks, in order to be closer to the action because, in his words, “I love being part of a deal”.

Ian’s says his fondness for Teligence comes from the fact that “it’s made up of a great bunch of people who I respect and enjoy being around.” As well “the company has a great diversity of people across cultures, communities and skills. Being around them keeps you open and means that you are always learning”. He also finds satisfaction in the fact that, as he puts it, “we help solve a significant amount of loneliness.”

Ivelina Vladimirova

Vice-President, Operations

Ivelina would never boast but this woman has deep roots in the industry and comes with an overwhelming level of expertise in all things telecom. This, no doubt, has a lot to do with her 17 years experience in this space and the 10 of which she has shared with our team.

Amongst her colleagues she is known as the woman to get things done. With unwavering leadership, Ivelina will leave no stone unturned. Because that is what it takes to get the job done to the caliber she has proven possible.

She sees the many strengths in her dedicated team and inspires them to challenge themselves in ways that bring them to their true potential. Ivelina has been a driving force in the success and evolution of Teligence and she has done all this with a warm smile and an impeccable pair of shoes.