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Teligence | Chosen as one of British Columbia's Top Employers for 2014

Posted on February 6, 2014 SHARE

Long before Facebook and Twitter, Teligence was pioneering the evolution of communication.

It’s dating and chat services connect thousands every day – on any given Saturday, you can find upwards of 300,000 people making use of a Teligence-hosted Service.

For more than 24 years, Teligence has kept these lines of communication open thanks to a skilled and dedicated staff.

“We have the largest voice-based social networking environment in North America,” says President Cameron Sobolik.

And although online communication has grown – Teligence has continued to stay out in front of today’s technology and is a leading mobile app developer – nothing will replace communication by voice, he adds.

“There is a richness and a genuineness to people talking on the phone,” Sobolik says. “What people can infer through the voice and what it communicates is so much more than you can get through 140 characters or a text.

“Our job is to connect people in the best way so they can come away enriched.”

Teligence’s services resonate with customers of every demographic and a wide age range. Keeping things running is a core staff of 65 head-office employees.

“One reason why we’re considered one of the best employers in B.C. is we try to listen to our employees and what they want,” says human resources generalist Isabelle Cleroux-Sicotte. “We offer a lot of flexibility in the work hours and communication is what we do at Teligence, so we listen to our employees. It’s all about trust. Our employees are accountable for what they’re doing, and we offer them encouragement.”

Flexibility in the workplace is also key, adds COO Shawn Stouten, nothing, beyond the Vancouver head office, Teligence also has had employees based elsewhere in Canada and as far away as Costa Rica.

“It’s not traditional line-of-sight management; it’s about the individual’s contribution and having the best people interested in working here,” he says. Sobolik says Teligence doesn’t operate on the traditional trickle-down management model, “where you sit and you’re told how to think.

“At Teligence, the communication is both ways. There’s a trust that every member is exceptional at what they do, and we’ll take input and suggestions. It’s a very non-corporate environment and we’re proud of that,” he says. “Our people get as much autonomy as they need, and as much support as they need to get the job done.”

Teligence staff take part in town halls every six weeks, and also get together for family and employee events twice a year.

Beyond that, community involvement is also key and Teligence’s home page spotlights reports on employees raising money for charities such as the BC Cancer Foundation, or volunteering at places such as the Vancouver Food Bank.

“We engage with employees (in community involvement),” says Stouten. “The employees say, ‘We want to do this,’ and the company is willing to allow them to do it on company time.”

Flexible hours, community engagement and the ability to develop a strong work-life balance are reasons why staff retention is so high at Teligence.

“The average person will work here seven to 10 years,” says Cleroux-Sicotte. For more information visit


*article from The Vancouver Sun special Edition | 2014 BC's Top Employers - February 6th, 2014 (