Teligence is pioneering the evolution of communication. By harnessing the power of innovation we are developing social networking opportunities that are at the very cutting edge of technology. We have advanced from a voice-enabled strategy into a company that is aggressively pushing the boundaries of multi-platform, multi-functional communications.

We build social networking technologies, using all modes of communications (text, pictures, voice, and video) in 15 languages, to bring people together regardless of their interests, geography, or time-zone. We do this for ourselves and for others. We love the experience of collaborating with people who have a vision and we take satisfaction in helping them bring their ideas from concept to production.

We have taken our 24 years of excellence in product development and the monetization of human behavior in the voice world and morphed the way people can connect exponentially – from anywhere, on anything, to anyone, through everything.  We enable endless possibilities.

Our unique, proprietary technologies truly allow millions of people to connect for friendship, dating or fun; whenever, wherever and however they want, on a global scale.

Mobile and Online Development - "Next Generation" Technologies

Teligence continues to be the leader in social networking experience. By combining our deep knowledge of social networking strategies and human behaviour with our talented team of mobile developers and product designers, we have been at the front of making the transition from purely voice based communication to online and mobile space. Applying our knowledge, we have developed revolutionary "Social Discovery" and Location Based Services applications that will form the next wave in bringing people together.

Voice Development

Voice still remains the most natural form of human communication and Teligence has been at the forefront of developing and monetizing interactive voice response platforms. Our telephone based chat service offerings are built on a unique, proprietary IVR network and have provided the means for people to connect over the years.

Full Compliment Digital Marketing

Not only do we develop and create a wide range of social networking products, Teligence takes a finished product and cultivates a niche market in which the product can thrive.

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